C# DSP Simulation - DSP Lab


DSP Lab is a digital signal processing simulation application created to simulate and visualize process of sampling and filtering analog signal using DSP system. This application is created to provide as a tool for educator and student to visualize and understand DSP system.

System Overview

DSP Lab Application's Screenshots

Figure 2: Time domain

Figure 3: Frequency domain

DSP Toolbox
The application is built with DSP Toolbox which contains the following assemblies which built with .NET Framework 4.0.
  • CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.dll Implementation for virtual signal generator, Fourier Transform, and digital filters.
  • CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.Controls.dll WinForms control for digital filter, virtual DAQ and virtual signal generator.

DSP Toolbox Class Diagram
    DSP Toolbox Controls Class Diagram


      DSP Lab - Open Source

      Donate to support the developer to release this project as Open Source.
      We will release the source code of DSP Lab and DSP Toolbox on GitHub once the project is fully funded.
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        Change History

        DSP Lab Change History
        Version 2.0.0
        - Refactored DSPToolbox.
        - Fixed bug in virtual generator.

        Version 1.6.1
        - Built with DSP Toolbox V1.7.2

        Version 1.6.0
        Added Convolution Demo

        Version 1.5.1-
        Built with DSP Toolbox V1.7.1

        Version 1.3.0-
        Updated GUI.
        - Added Zoom and Pan control to charts.

        Version 1.0.0-
        Initial release.

        DSP Toolbox Change History
        Version 2.0.0
        - Refactored DSPToolbox.
        Version 1.7.2
        - Support comma as decimal.

        Version 1.7.1
        - Added Blackman Harris and Blackman Nuttall FIR Window. (Details)

        Version 1.6.0
        - Added Impulse response and window response output for FIR Windowed Filter.

        Version 1.5.0
        - Added user controls (WinForm): Virtual Analog Source, Virtual Data Acquisition, Digital Filters.
        - Added Digital Filters: First order simple Low-pass, High-pass; Second order simple Band-pass, Band-stop; Windowed FIR Filter: Low-pass, High-pass
        - Fixed several bugs.

        Version 1.1.0
        - Added frequency response and Fourier transform. (Details)

        Version 1.0.0
        Created Virtual signal generator. (Details)

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