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C# DSP Simulation - DSP Lab


DSP Lab is a digital signal processing simulation application created to simulate and visualize process of sampling and filtering analog signal using DSP system. This application is created to provide as a tool for educator and student to visualize and understand DSP system.

System Overview

DSP Lab Application's Screenshots

Figure 2: Time domain

Figure 3: Frequency domain

DSP Toolbox
The application is built with DSP Toolbox which contains the following assemblies which built with .NET Framework 4.0.
  • CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.dllImplementation for virtual signal generator, Fourier Transform, and digital filters.
  • CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.Controls.dll WinForms control for digital filter, virtual DAQ and virtual signal generator.

DSP Toolbox Class Diagram
    DSP Toolbox Controls Class Diagram


      DSP Lab Suite

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      Change History

      DSP Lab Change History
      Version 2.0.0
      - Refactored DSPToolbox.
      - Fixed bug in virtual generator.

      Version 1.6.1
      - Built with DSP Toolbox V1.7.2

      Version 1.6.0
      Added Convolution Demo

      Version 1.5.1-
      Built with DSP Toolbox V1.7.1

      Version 1.3.0-
      Updated GUI.
      - Added Zoom and Pan control to charts.

      Version 1.0.0-
      Initial release.

      DSP Toolbox Change History
      Version 2.0.0
      - Refactored DSPToolbox.
      Version 1.7.2
      - Support comma as decimal.

      Version 1.7.1
      - Added Blackman Harris and Blackman Nuttall FIR Window. (Details)

      Version 1.6.0
      - Added Impulse response and window response output for FIR Windowed Filter.

      Version 1.5.0
      - Added user controls (WinForm): Virtual Analog Source, Virtual Data Acquisition, Digital Filters.
      - Added Digital Filters: First order simple Low-pass, High-pass; Second order simple Band-pass, Band-stop; Windowed FIR Filter: Low-pass, High-pass
      - Fixed several bugs.

      Version 1.1.0
      - Added frequency response and Fourier transform. (Details)

      Version 1.0.0
      Created Virtual signal generator. (Details)


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