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DSP Lab is a digital signal processing simulation application created to simulate and visualize process of sampling and filtering analog signal using DSP system. This application is created to provide as a tool for educator and student to have a better understanding how DSP system works. DSP Lab allow you to view and listen to output from (Data Acquisition Unit) DAQ and digital filters.

DSP Toolbox is the core of DSP Lab application which is a .NET assembly written in C#. The library is released under MIT license. You can use this library to jump start your own DSP powered application.

DSP System

DSP Lab is built using the system as shown above. Settings for each components are configurable.

In PREMIUM version, a 3 channels mixer system is available for more fun and signal combinations.

Virtual Signal Generator

Built-in virtual signal generator simulate analog signal without required any external hardware.

Sweep signal generator let you generate sine wave which sweep between defined start and end frequency. How does the frequency spectrum of this signal looks like? Download DSP Lab now and see it yourself.

Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Convert input signal to digital values for further processing. Learn how sampling rate and ADC bit depth affect the sampling result.

Frequency Response

Analyze frequency components of input signal and filtered output signal. This chart also display the response of the selected digital filter. (Learn More...)

Digital Filter

The most important and interesting part of DSP. It remove unwanted components in input signal.
We have implemented IIR and FIR Filter in DSP Lab. (Learn More...)


Convolution Demo window demonstrate convolution process step-by-step.

Export Data

Signals and frequency responses can be export to text file or wave file from the Export Data dialog.
Wave file output is only available for PREMIUM version.

DSP Toolbox

DSP Lab is built with DSP Toolbox which contains the following assemblies created with .NET Framework 4.0.
  • CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.dll: Implementation for virtual signal generator, Fourier Transform, and digital filters.
  • CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.Controls.dll: WinForms control for digital filter, virtual DAQ and virtual signal generator.


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