Code Profiler - Simple Tool for Performance Analysis

CodeProfiler is a tool created to measure time taken for a code to execute, be it in Debug or Release built. The implementation support multiple timers with minimum overhead, useful to measure code performance for long execution functions and identify bottle neck in code execution.

Profiling function can be easily switch ON / OFF using conditional compilation symbol "CodeProfiler". To start / stop a code profiling timer, simply call the following method:

CodeProfiler.Start(<Unique Timer Name>);
CodeProfiler.Stop(<Unique Timer Name>);

Duration recorded for a timer will be printed to output trace when Stop method is called.
Calling Start and Stop function consume a few millisecond, it's not suitable to time function who execution time is less than 10ms.

On top of that, there is also a dump array method which can be use to save content of an array to file.

CodeProfiler.DumpArray("Dump.txt", <TITLE> ,  <DATA Array>)

With dump array function, intermediate data can be easily capture during code execution. Moreover, the code can be easily excluded when conditional compilation symbol is removed without edit a single line in your code.

Try it yourself today, download from the following links:

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